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Monarch Tractor - Driving Farm Profitability and Planet Sustainability
100% Electric I Driver Optional I Data-Driven

Discover the MK-V, the world's first 100% electric, driver optional, connected tractor. Whether you're growing specialty crops, raising livestock, or managing commercial land, our mission is to empower you with the technology for a more precise, profitable, and sustainable farming future.


Email Copy: 

Thank you for stopping by Monarch Tractor's booth to learn more about the MK-V and our technology solutions! We wanted to send you a little bit more information about how one tractor can elevate all farm operations. 


Pairing the latest in electrification, autonomy, and smart technology, the MK-V can help farmers and vineyard owners:

  • Maximize profitability - reduce operational expenses, cut down fuel costs, minimize inputs, and enjoy a new level of efficiency.
  • Increase labor productivity - expand your operator's responsibilities by managing autonomous tractor operations.
  • Elevate safety - set a new standard for farm safety with collision prevention, human detection, and PTO protection.
  • Make data-driven decisions - increase visibility while optimizing operations with technology solutions that drive farm profitability.
Monarch Tractor is powering the world's greatest farms. Make sure to check out our customer stories in the blueberry, vineyard, airport, and dairy space to hear about how our customers are enjoying their MK-V! If you are interested in joining the exclusive group of European MK-V owners, reserve a tractor today to ensure that you receive your MK-V in the anticipated Q3 or Q4 of 2024.