Monarch Migration: Monarch Tractor Leads the Way for the U.S. to Reclaim Manufacturing Greatness

Monarch Migration: Monarch Tractor Leads the Way for the U.S. to Reclaim Manufacturing Greatness

December 22, 2022

LIVERMORE, Calif. – December 22, 2022 - Manufacturing in the United States is at a crossroads; it can continue its steady decline or migrate back to greatness with pioneering technology and products. With its Founder Series MK-V, the first commercially available electric, autonomous, and connected tractor, Monarch Tractor is a vital player in helping the U.S. become a manufacturing capital once again.

Powered by ingenuity, determination, and a collective work ethic, manufacturing was the heft behind much of America’s growth and leading driver of employment until it reached its peak in June 1979. Forty years later, employment in manufacturing has dropped 35% as reported by the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics. The country’s booming electric vehicle (EV) sector offers a path to reclaiming our manufacturing greatness and the millions of job opportunities that accompany it. Monarch Tractor is leading the way along this route.

Clean Energy for the Economy
The E2 Clean Jobs America 2021 report shares good news. More than 250,000 Americans already work in the EV sector. Electric and hybrid electric vehicle employment grew more than 6% since 2020. An additional 2,107,174 jobs are held in the renewable energy, grid and storage, and energy efficiency sectors — all which play a supporting role in keeping EVs powered up and on the road or, in the case of Monarch, in the field or barn.

"It’s really good for our country to have the ability to produce real things,” says co-founder and president of Monarch Tractor, Mark Schwager. “America was built on making things."

Economic, public health, and environmental advantages of high-tech electrification should not be limited to transportation and urban areas. A tractor may not be the first thing that comes to mind when you think of an EV, but this makes Monarch’s contributions even more exciting. The manufacturing of EV off-road vehicles like the MK-V is bringing these benefits to agribusiness and rural communities in the form of reliable, powerful, cost-effective agricultural machinery with zero-emissions and the capacity to be powered by renewable energy. The manufacturing of all-electric tractors like the MK-V does not only mean the acceleration of EV adoption on the farm. It also means the development of smart, sustainable grids as well as EV charger manufacturing and installation in farming regions across the country. This creates the infrastructure needed to prevent rural America from getting left behind in the transition away from traditional ICE vehicles. Data-driven, connected, and efficient — with Monarch, farms and their surrounding communities can be ready for the next generation of energy solutions.

Made in America. Scaled for the World.
After two years of developing, testing, and perfecting the MK-V tractor, on Dec. 1, 2022, Monarch handed the keys to the fleet of its first commercially available tractors to Constellation Brands. The Founder Series is currently being manufactured right in the backyard of wine country and Silicon Valley — the perfect crossroads for an agtech product. Full-rate production of Monarch Tractor’s MK-V Series is scheduled to begin in the first quarter of 2023 at the Foxconn Ohio facility, an approximately 6.2 million square foot campus of scalable production space.

"The ability to scale and bring our technology to the masses is a tremendous opportunity and responsibility,” Schwager says. “It’s important that we bring something truly incredible to help all of our farmers achieve greater profitability and, in time, sustainability as well."

The timing is impeccable. Labor shortages and excessive carbon emissions combined with concerns over food quality and food shortages are exerting incredible pressure on farms. Farmers are already putting in long, exhausting days. They need impactful solutions that save them money, increase efficiency and yield, and allow them to operate in a way that protects their agricultural ecosystem. America needs manufacturing jobs that contribute to long-term, smart solutions that feed the economy and consumers.

The time is ripe to migrate to technology and manufacturing that creates millions of jobs for a healthy future. Are you excited for what an all-electric agtech future can bring? We are.

About Monarch Tractor
Founded in 2018, Monarch Tractor utilizes 21st-century technology to empower farmers by enabling profitable implementation of regenerative, sustainable, and organic practices. Monarch Tractor’s Founder Series MK-V is the world’s first fully electric, driver optional, smart tractor set to enhance farmers’ existing operations, alleviate labor shortages, and maximize yields. Monarch Tractor is committed to elevating farming practices to enable clean, efficient, and economically viable solutions for today’s farmers and the generations of farmers to come. With cutting-edge technology, global reach, and an experienced team, Monarch is delivering meaningful change for the future of farming. For more information, visit