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Driving Farm Profitability
and Planet Sustainability

100% Electric | Driver Optional | Data-Driven

Rooted in agriculture. Committed to a cleaner future.

Whether you're growing specialty crops, raising livestock, or managing commercial land, our mission is to empower you with the technology for a more precise, profitable, and sustainable farming future.

Meet the
MK-V tractor

The driving force behind a new era of farming.

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Ready to work in

Vineyards, Orchards, Blueberries, Dairy, Airports, Citrus, Olives, Municipalities, Solar Farms, and more...


Maximize profitability

Reduce operational expenses, cut down fuel costs, minimize inputs, and enjoy a new level of efficiency.

Increase labor productivity

Expand your operator's responsibilities to a fleet manager with autonomous operations.

Elevate safety

Set a new standard for farm safety with collision prevention, human detection, and PTO protection.

Make data-driven decisions

Increase visibility while optimizing operations with technology solutions that drive farm profitability.

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Reduce emissions, increase savings
while maximizing your farm’s potential

metric tons of CO₂e

Lower your carbon footprint, with annual savings of 54 metric tons of CO₂e per tractor

US dollars

Reduce your annual operational expenditure, with cost savings of up to $18K per tractor

gallons of diesel

Save an average of 2,100 gallons of diesel when you switch to one MK-V electric tractor


Monitor your farm's operations from anywhere in the world.

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Jun-01-2023 10-42-26

Enable the true power of your MK-V tractor with WingspanAI

Remotely monitor a single tractor – or your entire fleet. Oversee all schedules, task details, and historical data. Access everything from operation status to daily reports, anytime, anywhere.

Trusted by Vineyards
We’ve seen firsthand the benefits of the Monarch Tractor in our vineyards, Monarch Tractor represents the future of tractors and to be the first customer deployment is especially exciting as we kick off this new era of sustainable farming.
Niki Wente
Wente Vineyards
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Trusted by Orchards
As we push to both organic and automation, the MK-V performs as an equal in terms of power and performance of the tractor. Couple that with automation and connectivity and the Monarch proposition is a winner.
Mark Stennes
Agrimacs, Inc.
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Trusted by Dairies
To survive, every dairy farm has to get better at everything they do. To become more efficient, we have to reduce costs and we have to increase production. The Monarch Tractor is the tool that’s going to improve the profitability of every dairy farm in a big way.
Dr. Abraham Du Plessis
Dairy Consultant & Veterinarian, Progressive Dairy Solutions
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Trusted by Blueberry Farms
The features Monarch has, like fleet management, traceability, and tracking are absolutely incredible! With Monarch, I can pull that up on an iPhone or track that tractor in the field instead of having to be there and physically see it.
Morgan Tittle
Blueberry Test Plot Manager
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