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MK-V Tractor Materials

Dimensions, details & data points.

Specifications to determine how the MK-V fits into your equipment ecosystem.

MK-V Standard

Monarch’s Flagship Tractor 

MK-V Dairy

Comes with a Feed Pusher 

MK-V Utility

Armed with a Front Loader

Tire Selection

4 Models Available

Implement Compatibility

Detailed Implement Specs 

EV Charger Options

What to Share with Your Electrician 

Operator Guide

MK-V Basics

The MK-V is more than a tractor.

Get acquainted with Monarch’s advanced technologies.


Increased visibility, control, and insights 

Subscription Packages

Monarch Connect and Automate

Row Follow

Hands-free and worry-free driving

Farmer-first profitability.

Calculate your potential savings in fuel, labor & emissions.

First, give us some more information about your current operations.

How many Tractors do you want to replace?
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Tractor run time (hours per year)
Diesel cost ()
Do you charge with renewable energy?
Tons of CO2e per year
Annual operational savings

Labor savings
Energy savings
Tons of CO2e per year
Annual emissions savings

Equivalent to removing passenger cars from the road every year

See the MK-V in action.

Discover what customers and industry experts have to say.

Trusted by Vineyards
The concern over what would happen if something breaks down was solved by Monarch because they have a great support system. They would already know what the problem is.
Constellation Brands' First Year With the MK-V
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Trusted by Vineyards
It’s an honor to work on these historical vineyards, and bringing new technology to see how it can improve them and keep them around longer is awesome.
Beckstoffer Vineyards Weighs in on their MK-V Fleet
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Trusted by Dairies
Dr. Abraham Du Plessis, a highly regarded Dairy Nutrition Consultant believes having a Monarch feed tractor on dairy farms is going to lead to higher milk production and higher profits through increased dry matter intake.
Dairy Consultant, Dr. Abraham Du Plessis
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Industry insights.

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