Autonomous Tractor Blueberry Farm Demo

Autonomous Tractor Blueberry Farm Demo

Location Auburndale, Florida
Date Jun 22, 2023

Monarch Tractor in the Sunshine State

Monarch Tractor customer, Bill Braswell, says he’s very interested in Monarch's technology and thinks it can “do some good” on his farm. He invited the MK-V over to his 70-acre organic blueberry farm in Auburndale, Florida where he’s been farming for 23 years. Attended by an array of agribusiness reps ranging from dealership managers to farmers to farm influencers, everyone had something to say about the MK-V.   

I didn’t know that it (the MK-V) could drive itself and this efficiently. Like you are in control, but the thing can also drive itself so that is pretty neat.

Michelle Miller, @TheFarmBabe on social media  

With an MK-V, customers like Bill Braswell have a tractor that brings savings and efficiency to their agribusiness today and will be ready to roll as Monarch’s Autodrive technology continues to expand to new markets and crop types.  

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