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Electric Tractor Guide

Wondering if an electric tractor is right for you?

Understand what’s available for your business or farm with this MK-V electric tractor guide.

Electric tractor battery

The best electric tractor manufacturers are providing industry professionals with the equipment they need to do their job more efficiently and profitably. Yet for many, the idea of adopting electrification can feel risky. There is sizeable variability in the EV tractor market and convenient access to information can help you determine which electric tractor is best aligned with your business goals and long-term equipment needs.

EV Tractor Basics
Electric Tractor vs. Diesel Tractor

Understand what the future of EV tractors means for your farm.

Deciding if, when, and how to incorporate an electric tractor into your farm ecosystem is an important decision. Learn what top electric tractor manufacturers are striving to provide farmers, and gain insights on actual operations.

The Future of EV Tractors in Agriculture

There’s an old saying that rings true even today; the tractor is the most important vehicle in the world. Without tractors and similar farming equipment, the highly productive farming upon which the world relies for its food wouldn’t be possible.

How to Power Up & Power Down Your MK-V

Watch a full step by step tutorial on how to power up, power down, and reboot the MK-V electric tractor.

Farming Technology Adoption Guide

Throughout the history of agriculture, new tools, technologies, and innovations have driven ever-more productive growing seasons, marked by an especially dramatic increase in the latter half of the twentieth century.

Electric Tractor Implement Compatibility

Bridging today’s AgTech and workforce with that of the future.

When researching the best electric tractor for your agribusiness, it’s critical to know if it can work with your current ecosystem of implements as well as those of the future.

Electric tractor implements

Electric Tractor Battery

Is an electric tractor battery reliable?

This is a top-of-mind question for many farmers, farm managers, and tractor operators. Learn how long an EV battery can last, time to charge, and necessary infrastructure to charge your electric tractor and keep it powered for operations.

Charging Times for EV Tractors & How Long They Can Last

In an era where bankruptcy is a serious threat for many of America’s fruit and vegetable farms, farmers need innovative tools to boost their efficiency and long-term viability.

Electric Power Economics: Cost Analysis of Charging EV Tractors

The world is rapidly moving towards electrification in many sectors, and the innovations in agriculture are especially exciting. Electric vehicle (EV) tractors are heralding a transformative shift in farming, a promising move to environmental and economic sustainability.

EV Charging Stations: Cost Breakdown & Investment Considerations

Electric vehicles (EVs), which include electric tractors, are low maintenance and cost-effective.

Charging Your MK-V Electric Tractor

Learn how to charge your Monarch 100% electric tractor with a J1772 charger.

Battery Tractor Range & Powerwall

An energy storage device for the farm. 

Farmers need a battery that can work hard. When comparing an electric tractor vs. diesel tractor, the ability for an electric tractor to store and transport power emerges as a useful benefit. Not all electric tractors are designed to be a portable powerwall, but the MK-V is engineered to support farmers’ needs in the field.

Exportable power

Beckstoffer Vineyards Weighs in on their MK-V Fleet

Harvest season is the busiest time of year on a farm. While harvest work is known for its harried, challenging hours and operations, it’s the culmination of a year’s worth of countless tasks, each demanding time, attention, and careful coordination across all farm workers.

Exportable Power MK-V Training Video

Watch the training video to understand the transition to exportable power. Discover the availability of 220VAC for a mini welder and 110VAC for charging farm tools.

MK-V Headlights, USB & 12V Outlet Training Video

Watch this video to discover more about your turn signals, hazards, and high beams. Also, explore the locations of your brights, USB ports, and 12-volt outlet.

Energy Independence

An MK-V is a first step to sensible, profitable, energy independence.

Dependency on external inputs — diesel, fertilizers, herbicides, pesticides, and even seeds — add up and cut into a farm’s profits. Electrification removes a large variable from that equation, helping a farm shift from fossil fuels to the grid, and eventually, renewable energy sources and on-farm energy storage devices.

How the MK-V Is Supporting Farmers During Wildfire Season

In an industry known for its challenges, wildfire season is an especially perilous time of year for farmers.

Peter Michael Winery Prioritizes Planet & Profit with Monarch MK-V

The days of choosing between healthy profits or a healthy environment are over.

Castoro Cellars Strengthens Sustainability Program with MK-V

When Castoro Cellars started in 1983, it was already farming for the future.

Electric Tractor Fuel Savings Calculator

How much money can your farm save using an electric tractor?

The MK-V pairs electrification with connectivity and automation for even greater ROI.

Electric autonomous tractor

Operating an Electric Tractor

What’s it like to operate an electric tractor?

Learn the fundamentals of operating an MK-V with these training tutorials. Also available in Spanish.

Electric tractor smart screen

Electric Tractor Customer Reviews

Customer stories

In addition to having their product on the market, leading tractor manufacturers have customers eager to share their experiences. Learn what farmers and farm managers are saying about deploying the MK-V in their fields and what it’s like to be supported by Monarch Tractor.