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Tractor operators can easily go from operating one tractor to managing a fleet of eight electric tractors on the field with our optional Automate package. Remote fleet management is possible using the simple-to-use WingspanAI interface.

Monarch offers several solutions to help your team service the MK-V tractor including diagnostic codes and countermeasures, in-field remote support, and over-the-air updates. In the chance that you run into a problem that you cannot solve, Monarch is here to help you find a local dealer to support your tractor needs.

Monarch MK-V will charge from 0% to 100% in: 5-6 hrs with an 80 amp charger, or 10-12 hrs with a 40 amp charger.

Yes, the MK-V tractor has a runtime of up to 14 hours, which varies based on farm, operation, and implement.


Here are expected runtimes for your most common implements: 

Disc Harrow = 5-7 hours
Undervine Weeder = 8-10 hours
5' Rotary Mower (in tall grass) = 7-9 hours
4' Rotary Mower (in tall grass) = 7.5-9.5 hours

5' Flail Mower (in tall grass) = 5-6 hours
4' Flail Mower (in tall grass) = 6-7 hours