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Monarch Tractor is working to utilize 21st-century technology to empower farmers and generations of farmers to come. This technology enables farmers to have profitable implementation of sustainable technologies that are organic, efficient, and economically viable solutions.

Monarch Tractor has received several awards including being named to "2022 CNBC Disruptor 50 List",  selected for "2022 CES Innovation Award", "2021 Overall AgTech Solution of the Year” in the AgTech Breakthrough Awards, "2020 Tractor of the Year” in the AgTech Breakthrough Awards, one of World Ag Expo’s “Top 10 Best New Products,” and recognized in Fast Company’s “Best World-Changing Ideas: North America, Energy and Food.

The Monarch Team is growing, check out our job board and apply to join our team.

Monarch Tractor is headquartered in Livermore, California

Monarch Tractor was founded in 2018

Monarch Tractor is the world’s smartest, 100% electric, data-driven, autonomous tractor.


Monarch Tractor has helped customers cut their carbon footprint, improve field safety, streamline farming operations, and increase their bottom lines. Additionally, a few of our customers have been awarded the BAAQMD grant.

Monarch Tractor has secured several hundred working farms as preliminary customers.


Based on global demand, we will determine where to begin deliveries outside of the U.S. first. To contact a sales specialist, click here.
You can reserve your MK-V tractor HERE.

Monarch Tractor has not established any distribution channels in the US or around the world.  All sales and deposits for tractors are directly organized by Monarch Tractor. If you are interested in working with Monarch Tractor please send a proposal to sales@monarchtractor.com.


Key features of the Monarch Tractor include:
  1. Renewable Technology –
    Traditional diesel tractors produce roughly 17 times the emissions as the average car. The Monarch Tractor is 100% electric and has zero tailpipe emissions. It also serves as a 3-in-1 electrification tool, operating as a tractor or an ATV during operation, as well as the capabilities to act as a powerful generator in the field.
  2. Driver Optional –
    The Monarch Tractor can operate with or without a driver. The company utilizes the latest autonomous hardware and software technology to provide driver-assist and driver-optional operations. The tractor can perform pre- programmed tasks without a driver or an operator can use Monarch’s interactive automation features including Gesture and Shadow modes to have the tractor follow a worker on the job.
  3. Unprecedented Safety –
    The Monarch Tractor is packed with safety features including roll and collision prevention, vision-based Power Take Off (PTO) safety and 360° cameras to keep operations running smoothly and employees safe, day or night.
  4. Deep Learning & Sensing Suite –
    The Monarch Tractor collects and analyzes crop data every day it operates in the field. It can work with farmers’ current implements as well as the next generation of smart implements. Sensors and imaging are processed to provide critical data points that can be used for real-time implement adjustments as well as long term yield estimates, current growth stages and other plant/crop health metrics. Utilizing machine learning, Monarch Tractor is able to digest this data and provide long-term analysis of field health, improving accuracy the longer it runs. Additionally, the data collected is securely stored in a Monarch cloud.
  5. Smart Device Operation –
    Via a smartphone or personal device, users receive tractor alerts, detailed operations reports, data collection, analysis, and storage for more efficient farm planning.
  6. Powerful –
    Monarch Tractor’s electric drivetrain is capable of providing 40HP (30KW) of continuous power and short duration peak power up to 70HP (52KW) in a small footprint for multi-purpose usage.
Yes, additional batteries can be purchased as part of a battery swap system. For those days that require extended operations, our fast and simple battery swap system makes 24-hour continuous operation a reality.
Monarch Tractor MK-V LR has a base price of $74,998 for the 4WD version, along with various upgrade options. You can reserve your option to purchase by putting down $500 that will go to the total price of the tractor. Reserve Now.
Monarch Tractor combines electrification, automation, machine learning, and data analysis to enhance farmer’s existing operations, increase labor productivity and safety, and maximize yields to cut overhead costs and emissions.
Yes, one person can swap out a battery in about 15 minutes.
The Monarch Tractor’s battery has a 8 year (8,000 hr) warranty.

The Monarch Tractor customer owns the data and is just as secure and safe as the tractor with real-time alerts. 100% of the data collected belongs to the farmer - to share it, sell it, or delete it - giving them full control over their privacy.

All of the data is encrypted and secured. The data is fully available to the farmer.

We comply with all local and global data regulations (such as GDPR in Europe)

Monarch Tractor provides customers with multiple Service program options.

First, with its Smart Screen features and remote diagnostics, Monarch Tractor can detect a Service-related issue before the customer is alerted and, in some cases, the tractor can be repaired remotely.

Second, many farmers are well-equipped and have the experience of working on tractors.  If an issue arises that requires guidance, Monarch Tractor is available to help the customer repair the tractor remotely by submitting a Service Request via the tractor Smart Screen on a phone app.  The Smart Screen is also equipped with an on-board manual to support specific repairs.

And lastly, if a remote repair is not possible, Monarch Tractor can dispatch a Tractor Support Representative as needed.

Monarch Service is available via the tractor Smart Screen, mobile phone app, or by calling 1-833-AGRI-PWR

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