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With WingspanAI, your MK-V is more than just a tractor.

Discover the full potential of your MK-V with WingspanAI by your side

WingspanAI is the farm control center for your MK-V, empowering you with greater control and visibility over your tractors from anywhere in the world — right in the palm of your hand.


Access the true power of your MK-V with automated operations planning, remote fleet management, tractor performance reports, maintenance diagnostics, and more.


Plan and execute autonomous operations for your MK-V through the WingspanAI app


Gain deeper visibility into your operations with live video feeds and real-time alerts


Track important metrics daily, weekly, and over time to reduce overhead and increase efficiencies

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Let your tractor do the work for you

Access the power of autonomous operations

Operate autonomously

Let your MK-V do the work of a tractor and an operator. Execute operations autonomously at the touch of a button — sit back and let your MK-V take over.

Increase operator efficiency

Don't focus on driving a tractor, focus on conducting an operation. With driver-assist features like Row Follow, your MK-V will drive centered and steady, giving you undivided attention to control the implement at hand.

Expand your operator's role

Free up your tractor operator's time from manual operations and expand their responsibilities to managing a fleet of tractors. Get your workers out of the tractor seat and away from dull, dirty, and dangerous farm operations.

Awareness anytime, anywhere

On the field, at your office, or in your truck — remote operations that keep you in control

Plan your work
Plan and review all of this week's tractor operations visualized on a map of your farm. Access a new level of record-keeping and planning with the ability to review all past and upcoming operations.
Live status and visibility

Always be aware of activity across the farm in real-time​. Gain virtual insight on anything from rows completed, to speed, to the length of breaks. Monarch puts peace of mind and task management at your fingertips.

Alerts and notifications

Let WingspanAI take care of the mundane work while keeping you informed of what you really want to know. Receive automatic notifications about completed operations, safety incidents, and maintenance issues.  

Don't just conduct operations. Measure them.

Track performance metrics that optimize operations

Personalized data reports

End your evening with self-generated reports on how the day's work went. Get in-depth insights on operations from time spent to rows completed to acreage covered and more.

Automatic data collection

Just because you weren't on the tractor, doesn't mean you can't see what happened. Review historical tractor operations visualized on a map, click through videos of an operation from any tractor. Take farm visibility to a whole new level.

Measure savings

Track cost and sustainability goals from operational savings to emission reductions, whether from a week's worth of work or from a single operation.

Ensure operations run smoothly

Focus on farming — let WingspanAI track upkeep and maintenance needs

Maintenance and service

Spend less time in the shop, and more time in the field. Improve maintenance and upkeep with the ability to monitor your tractor's health and active error codes. WingspanAI proactively identifies issues, provides diagnostics, and proposes countermeasures

Farm data

Equipped with the MK-V's 360º cameras, WingsapnAI allows you to access your growing season’s history. Utilize the power of vision AI to monitor crop health and address issues immediately. 

Increase accountability

Easily answer the who, what when of your farm's operations. Know who is operating the tractor at all times, what they're doing, and where on the farm.

Watch a Digital Demo of WingspanAI

A digital tour of WingspanAI and how it can elevate your farm!


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Monarch Connect
Starting at
$199 €218 $199 /month (per tractor)

Real-time alerts and operational insights

Whats included?
  • Real-Time Alerts
  • Custom Map Visualization
  • Operation Video Recordings
  • Driver Assist Mode: Row Follow
    Auto-steer to keep your tractor in the center of crop row​
  • Personalized Reports
Monarch Automate
Starting at
$699 €766 $699 /month (per tractor)

Automate operations and elevate labor

Whats included?
  • Monarch Connect (Included)
  • Schedule Autodrive Operations
    Full autonomy enabling remote supervision of multiple tractors
  • OSHA Compliant Autonomy Standards
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