Carl Moyer
Subsidy Program

Apply for the Carl Moyer Subsidy Program to receive 50-80% OFF the retail price of a MK-V tractor.

The Carl Moyer Program funds cleaner engines and equipment in California. Implemented in collaboration with CARB and 35 local air districts, the program sets guidelines to reduce pollution and promote cleaner air.


The Carl Moyer Program has approximately allocated $1 billion to date and the Program continues to provide over $60 million in grant funding each year to clean up older polluting engines throughout California.

Monarch Tractor, the world's first 100% electric, driver optional, data-driven smart tractor is offered through this program. Don't miss out on this year's opportunity to receive 50-80% OFF your smart tractor! Connect with a specialist to determine your eligibility in your air district, and get details on application deadlines and potential savings.

Carl Moyer allows eligible farmers to accrue significant savings in labor, maintenance, and fuel from day one, along with enjoying the many other advantages that come with an MK-V. 

Carl Moyer 2024 Program Details

  • Application must be completed prior to a sales order or agreement with Monarch Tractor.

  • Funding is provided between 60-90 days after acceptance.

  • Rebates are fulfilled directly from Carl Moyer to the purchaser.

  • Program funds are limited and will expire according to program timelines.

  • Traded in equipment must be owned for at least 2 years by the applicant and comparable to a similar sized piece of diesel equipment.

  • Incentive is for each tractor ordered. No limit on quantities.

  • The MK-V works with standard implements. Learn more about the implements here.

  • Tractor options are available upon request.

Carl Moyer Program F.A.Q's

Save 50-80% OFF and receive the MK-V at a cost neutral price when compared to a similar sized combustion engine tractor.


This is a great time and opportunity for you to lock in immediate savings, and even more Monarch MK-V tractors under this limited quantity rebate offer.

Yes, traded in equipment must be owned for 2 years by the applicant and comparable to a similar sized piece of diesel equipment.

The opening and closing dates of the application vary depending on the air district. Since funding availability is time-sensitive, it is crucial to initiate the application process promptly. Contact a specialist to determine your specific application deadline.

$18,000 annual cost savings per tractor

Under 1000 hour ROI with 50% autonomy usage at full funding level

Over 50% reduction in estimated fuel costs

>34,500lbs. of CO2 Equivalent annual emissions reduction per tractor


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