Monarch Tractor: Built in CA Today, Ohio Tomorrow, and in America Always

LIVERMORE, Calif. – March 16, 2023 – It’s a seminal moment for Monarch Tractor, farmers, and American manufacturing. In just two years, we brought the world’s only commercially available, electric, driver-optional, smart farm tractor to market. Our momentum continues to grow along with the demand for the Monarch MK-V. Now we’re shifting production from our home base to the world’s largest electronic manufacturer. It’s a shining moment for agricultural engineering and farm machinery and it’s all built in the U.S.A!

Nuts & Bolts of U.S. Manufacturing 

There’s a certain vibrancy that comes from watching the production of tractors that you know are helping farms overcome their biggest challenges. Feel it for yourself by taking a look at the first MK-V tractors being built and assembled in their birthplace at the Monarch headquarters (HQ) in Livermore, California. We caught the energy on camera to give you an insider’s look at what’s been happening behind the scenes at Monarch’s original U.S. manufacturing facility.

These farm tractors were built earlier this year and represent the last of this series of tractors being produced at the Monarch HQ. We’re beyond excited for the rest of our tractors in this series to be soon coming off the production line at the Foxconn Ohio facility. It’s great news for everyone!

American Made & Scaled for the World

The move to Foxconn means Monarch is scaling up farm machinery production operations into an approximately 6.2 million square foot campus in partnership with the world’s largest electronic manufacturer, Hon Hai Technology Group, known as Foxconn. With a world class manufacturing partner like Foxconn, Monarch is becoming more accessible than ever to farmers and bringing the benefits of electrification and high-tech agricultural engineering to rural communities across America.

“Creating the industry’s most advanced tractor demands a manufacturing partner with the experience to quickly scale and execute with precision,” says CEO and Co-founder of Monarch Tractor, Praveen Penmetsa.

Everyone Wins

Safer, cleaner for the environment, increased operational and energy savings, and more — a Monarch tractor gets the real work done. We are proud to be representing the next generation of agricultural engineering and farm machinery. Designed in California. Built in Ohio. Built for farmers.

Watch the 100% electric, 100% American-made MK-V tractors being manufactured at the Monarch HQ before production moves to Ohio. 

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