Fox Business News: Monarch Launches First Line of Electric Tractors

LIVERMORE, Calif. – December 5, 2022 – Did you miss Monarch CEO, Praveen Penmetsa sit down with Stuart Varney on Fox Business News? Watch the full interview to find our more about the MK-V tractor and the impact it will have for farmers.

Monarch Tractor, maker of the MK-V, the fully electric, driver-optional, smart tractor, announced on December 1st, the first tractors are coming off the Founder Series production line at its headquarters and manufacturing facility in Livermore, California.










Stuart asks whether the tractor can do the things a normal tractor does like plowing a field or harrowing. Praveen states, "It absolutely can", and continues to explain "our goal when we started the company was to give a no compromise solution to the farmers, and a solution that helps them save not only on diesel fuel, but also makes them more efficient on the labor side, and using our AI systems on the data side".

The MK-V electric tractor has an industry-leading battery runtime of 14+ hours*. And for those days that require operations to extend into the night, its optional swappable battery capabilities makes 24-hour operation a reality.


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