What’s In the Monarch Name and Logo?

Creating sustainable food ecosystems across the globe is at the center of everything we do at Monarch. Having declined more than 90%, the California Monarch is on the edge of extinction in large part due to the overuse of herbicides. The Monarch butterfly represents what may happen if we choose not to address the biggest obstacles preventing farmers from operating sustainably today. 

For decades, farming in alignment with nature has been a virtually insurmountable challenge due to the unfair burdens it places on farmers, namely the additional costs and lower profit margins.  

The butterfly is a representation of the growth that is still possible in the ag industry. It serves as a reminder of the transformational potential of the industry as we seek to make sustainable farming economically superior. Monarch aims to bridge the economic and sustainability divides through electrification, automation, and data collection technologies. The crop rows converging together to create the butterfly shape in our logo is a representation of aligning the needs of farmers and the planet.

This is more than just a logo—it’s a reminder to you of our commitment to building solutions that align the needs of the environment and the farmer. Reminiscent of the butterfly effect, Monarch is just the first flap of the wing for the ag industry, setting in motion innovative advancements that will help transform our food ecosystems to be healthier, cleaner, and more transparent than ever before. 

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