CNBC’s News Squawk Box: Reports Live on EVs and Autonomy

LIVERMORE, Calif. – February 16, 2023 – Did you miss the live demos of the Monarch MK-V tractor at World Ag Expo 2023? CNBC Special Correspondent, Jane Wells, was there for you. In the CNBC Squawk Box segment, Tractor Tech: EVs and Autonomy, she discusses how Monarch is leading the way when it comes to the top trends that farmers are keen to follow. It’s a critical time for American farms, farm workers, and farm equipment manufacturers and they are looking at electric, fully autonomous tractors to help them overcome current labor shortages and projected lower income. 

Monarch is the only Ag manufacturer with a fully electric, autonomous, driver-optional tractor that’s in production and already on the market. And Wells reports that in California up to 80% of the costs can be covered by state subsidies, giving farmers important long-term savings in their tractor investment. In addition to savings, Wells discusses farmers’ need for reliable range, power, and functionality that results in less wear and tear on farm workers. Being a farmer-first company, we’re encouraged to know that Monarch is empowering farmers to overcome their biggest challenges with affordable, practical solutions.

Original Source: CNBC


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