How a Tractor Can Elevate Farmer’s Profits and the Planet’s Health

LIVERMORE, Calif. – March 27, 2023 – Farmers today are tasked with making a no-win decision. They can continue to use dangerous chemicals that damage human health, soils, water quality, and threaten pollinators with extinction. Or, they can mow with no chemicals, which significantly increases fuel and labor costs as well as carbon emissions that escalate climate instability. With 45% of American farms operating below profitability, farmers need a tractor that exceeds the traditional job description. They need Ag technology that offers practical alternatives.

“I quickly realized that these two divides are insurmountable unless we can innovate,” says Chief Farming Officer and Co-founder of Monarch Tractor, Carlo Mondavi. “This is what the brilliant team at Monarch has done.”

Practical, Long-Term Solutions for Ag

Mondavi, a fourth-generation farmer himself, carefully and systematically breaks apart the challenges farmers are facing and how the Monarch MK-V provides accessible, useful solutions that allow farmers to: 1) achieve success and profitability, 2) be more independent and less reliant on external inputs, and 3) protect our planet’s biodiversity. Moreover, the Ag technology of Monarch Tractor gives farmers a bridge from conventional farming to profitable regenerative agriculture. He also explains the surprising common thread that binds these critical goals . . .  the protection of the near-extinct westerly monarch butterfly.

“Having these creative ways to farm that don’t hurt our soil microbiome and farm biology, but benefit it, allows us to go to a whole new level of farming where we can do that for less than the cost of today’s conventional farming,” Mondavi says. “Monarch is protecting our farm biology and much more all while making farms more profitable.”

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