Crop Robotics 2022, Beyond the Valley of Death

LIVERMORE, Calif. – October 15, 2022 – In a recent article, Forbes references research findings on the 2022 Crop Robotics Landscape across the autonomous movement, crop management and harvesting.

In the report, with efforts from the University of California, Agriculture and Natural Resources department, Monarch Tractor is recognized under their Small Tractor/Platforms within the Autonomous Movement category across orchard, vineyard, row crop and specialty field segments.

The research, development and investments in Agtech of labor-saving robots in agriculture is unquestionable, and Monarch is leading the pack in building the world's first 100% electric, driver optional and data-driven smart tractor.

Monarch Tractor is addressing on-going labor challenges, rising fuel costs, climate change impacts, maximizing inputs to increase crop yields, sustainability and proactive responses on the farm through its Intelligent Tractor.

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