Fulfillment Policy

The company uses Stripe as a means to accept credit card payments from 
customers making refundable reservations for Monarch's products.  
Reservations are governed under the company's Bookings Policy. 


Customers can make a reservation for future delivery of a tractor by 
completing the established reservation process which includes executing a 
confirmation form and remittance of the deposit amount.  The reservation 
amount will be applied to the final sales order when the customer buys a 
tractor, or the reservation is refundable at the customer’s request.  A 
reservation is not considered a sales or purchase order for a vehicle or service 
since it is non-binding and therefore the potential booking is “at-risk”.  Any 
request for a product that is subject to final transaction pricing, financing 
arrangements and/or delivery details to complete the purchase is not 
considered a booking.    
Reservation Holder – A person or entity who completed the Reservation 
process for a Monarch Product. A Reservation Holder is a Customer, and the 
Reservation is a conditional sale of a product with partial payment by the 
Reservation Holder, subject to refund at Reservation Holder request. Upon 
entry into a sales order with Monarch, the Reservation will be credited against 
the fees due thereunder, and the conditional sale will be cancelled in favor of 
the unconditional sales order.