Celebrating the Milestones of 2023 & Looking Ahead to 2024

Monarch Tractor

As 2023 draws to a close, we gathered the year’s milestones marking Monarch’s journey to advance profitability and sustainability for farms everywhere. Monarch expanded to new markets and territories, garnered media accolades, and gathered data measuring the MK-V’s aggregated impact on farms over the course of this launch year. These accomplishments are guideposts in our mission to create a more profitable and sustainable food ecosystem.  


Customer Partnerships 

Every step forward is an acknowledgment to the unwavering support and continuous feedback from our customers. We are grateful to all those who made the decision to have an MK-V as part of their tractor fleet. We’ve pushed the boundaries of what’s possible with a tractor, and our partnership with you allows us to continue learning, developing, and refining our product and systems. Ultimately, this partnership is about more than cultivating land, it’s about seeding the growth of innovation, sustainability, and prosperity for the farming community.  

Building on the experiences of 2023, we’re excited for a 2024 that’s focused on autonomy, customer support, and increases in savings and efficiency.

Praveen Penmetsa, CEO & Co-founder, Monarch Tractor 

 Praveen Penmetsa, CEO & Co-founder, Monarch Tractor 

Looking Ahead 

As exciting as 2023 was, we have much work to do including finalizing some promising developments that await in 2024. Expanding Row Follow to many more crop types and rapidly scaling Autodrive will support ongoing increases in savings and efficiency across farming operations. We are also continuing to prioritize and invest in customer support as we deliver our transformational AgTech solutions. If you see us with our sleeves rolled up, it’s because we are just getting started!  

Some of our favorite moments from 2023.

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