Sustainable Ag at Castoro Cellars with the MK-V

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For vineyards, a long-term outlook is the natural one. Literally. Given that well-tended grapevines take upwards of 25 years to enter their prime and live decades longer, making investments for the future is a smart move. Since its inception in 1983, Castoro Cellars has been growing a future with strategies that nourish its vines holistically, incorporating environmental responsibility, social equity, and economic viability into all aspects of its winemaking.  

Castoro’s most recent investment is in its MK-V electric tractors. By deploying the MK-V into the vineyard rows, Castoro is taking sustainable agriculture to a new level in ensuring the fruits of the land will be enjoyed for generations to come.  

Powering Payback

Forty years after opening its doors, Castoro Cellars is the largest grower of organic grapes on California’s Central Coast and a producer of world-class wines. Every step along that path to success has been informed by Castoro’s sustainability program. Over time, Castoro has installed three sets of solar arrays and today its entire operation is primarily solar powered.   

Our tasting room, our vineyards, and our winery are paired with custom solar installations designed to specifically offset the energy needed to run those operations.

Luke Udsen, Director of Marketing and Events at Castoro Cellars. 

Luke Udson at Castoro Cellars


Solar arrays begin earning their keep right away, but by adding the MK-V, a vineyard positions itself for an even greater return on investment on both its solar arrays and its tractors. Through the MK-V, renewable energy can be deployed across more operations, reducing farm-level operating costs as well as the larger environmental and human health costs associated with diesel emissions.  

Because Monarch combines a digital solution with electrification, Kyle Cosgrove, Vineyard Manager at Castoro Cellars, can save valuable time every day with better visibility on real-time operations, streamlined reporting, and a visual record of crop health. And if you’re wondering about reliable battery power, the MK-V has swappable battery technology and provides up to 14 hours of runtime depending on the farm, operation, and implement.  Monarch’s customers are reporting usage for 8 to 10-hour work shifts with power to spare.  

Castoro's MK-V tractor

Farming Advances

For Castoro, sustainability is an ongoing process and Udsen sees Castoro helping the industry raise itself to a higher level. Monarch Tractor shares Castoro’s enthusiasm and innovative spirit. We’re eager to support Castoro’s pursuit of bringing the wine industry and farming to a healthier, more profitable, and improved version of itself through sustainable agriculture practices.


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