How the MK-V is Helping Gloria Ferrer’s Net Zero Emissions Goal

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Gloria Ferrer is taking action to ensure a future as sparkling as the wine it produces. Applying a regenerative farming mindset that’s concerned with everything from the roots in the soil to the emissions released into the sky, Gloria Ferrer is committed to its Sustainability Promise. With its new MK-V electric tractor deployed into its vineyards for operations, the winery is making measurable progress towards all its ambitions.  

Grapes in Vineyard

This groundbreaking piece of vineyard technology is a game changer for our winemaking team and supports our goal of reaching zero net emissions by 2050.

Gloria Ferrer Winery 

Sustainability Champion  

Forward thinking is an integral part of Gloria Ferrer. It’s known as the first sparkling winery in the Carneros Sonoma wine region and its still looking ahead, taking the necessary steps today to ensure a legacy of nourishing the land and growing the highest quality of grape possible. Its efforts as a sustainability champion include:    

  • Being a certified sustainable vineyard and winery 

  • Offsetting carbon emissions 

  • Using carbon-free electricity 

  • Engaging climate-smart farming practices 

  • Ensuring 100% recycled water and green waste
  • Member of International Wineries for Climate Action 

A Multi-Duty Tractor 

Gloria Ferrer’s efforts will leave its 300+ acres on the planet cleaner and healthier than how it was found. Those efforts are also good for business. High quality grapes are a necessity for high quality wine and the MK-V is playing an important role supporting both. From mowing to collecting and reporting valuable metrics to visibility that lets managers and operators execute and monitor operations seamlessly, the MK-V is quickly becoming a valued farm assistant.  

Our new equipment will allow us to reduce diesel usage by over 2,500 gallons each year which is the equivalent to a reduction of over 56,000 lbs. of CO2 annually.

Gloria Ferrer Winery

MK-V Tractor Driving in Vineyard

Investing in an MK-V positions Gloria Ferrer for even greater savings down the road in terms of emissions, labor, and farm-level efficiencies. The team’s excitement over its smart, autonomous, electric tractor is real. You can see the winery’s enthusiasm on its Instagram post showcasing a dusty MK-V hard at work, helping Gloria Ferrer make measurable progress towards its sustainability goals while delivering improved efficiency, profitability, and crop quality. Cheers to the future!  


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