Napa’s First Harvest with the MK-V

Monarch Tractor

Representing the culmination of the year’s work and source of funding for operations and crop growth in the next, harvest time is the convergence of a farm’s past, present, and future. Farmers are tasked with planning and organizing complex crew arrangements and time-sensitive operations, making reliable equipment a must-have for this critical period. The MK-V is one such piece of machinery.  

At Napa, California’s celebrated wine country, harvest 2023 was the first year the MK-V electric tractor was on the job. As valuable farm assistants, MK-V tractors were in the rows supporting farmhands in their efforts to pick grapes at the most optimal time and handle harvested fruit with care and efficiency. Across Napa’s vineyards and wineries, Monarch’s customers took to social media to share their harvest stories with the world.  
@funkyvinos proudly shared, “Today’s chard pick for Cruse Wine features Matthiasson Wine’s stellar vineyard crew and our new Monarch Tractor.”   

MK-V tractor on customer fields

Harvest Highlights

Large crews, the hustle and bustle of activity, and an undercurrent of anxious excitement — these are common defining traits of harvest operations. Vineyards have an additional challenge. Wine grapes are often harvested at night with crews working without the benefit of natural light. From hauling to lighting to increased safety and visibility, the MK-V played a starring role in many of our customers’ social media posts, stories, and reels.  

Here's a sampling of what we found: 


La Pelle Wines showing off their bin trailers as they are being filled with beautiful grapes, all towed by the winery’s Monarch MK-V.  

MK-V tractor supporting farmers during harvest


Glimpse a nighttime harvest with Eden Rift Vineyards “The rows are illuminated by our electric Monarch Tractor to aid visibility.”   

Eden Rift Vineyards using MK-V tractor


Arkenstone Vineyards shares, “First pick of the year at Arkenstone. Our incredibly perfect sauvignon blanc and the absolutely silent Monarch Tractor. No diesel smell. No noise.”  

Arkenstone using MK-V tractor for harvest


Fox Hill Vineyards shows what and who is behind the tractor via the MK-V’s smart screen cameras. Watch it here! Be sure to turn the sound on to immerse yourself in a moment of a vineyard harvest, complete with the hustle, bustle and farmhand conversations that bring this operation to life. 

Experience the Harvest

Through social media, vineyards and wineries showcased the fast-paced nature and beauty of harvest season, giving viewers a chance to immerse themselves in the action. Although you can experience the sights, sounds, and feel of harvest season from afar, the results will eventually reach everyone. As Monarch’s MK-V and electrification are adopted across the agricultural landscape, safer work environments, increased savings for farm owners, and lower ag-related air emissions will translate into a healthier environment and food system, benefitting everyone from grower to consumer. That’s a harvest season worth celebrating!  

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