Monarch Tractor at Nvidia GTC: Automation Is Solving Some of the Biggest Challenges In Farming

LIVERMORE, Calif. – March 28, 2022 – Breakthroughs in vision AI, low-cost, high-quality sensors, and powerful but small form-factor compute have expanded the practical use cases for robotics across a variety of industries. Monarch co-founder and CEO, Praveen Penmetsa spoke at Nvidia GTC to explain why this is especially the case for agriculture.

Nvidia GTC is a global conference on AI that is driving transformation across industries. The conference features some of the world’s brightest minds and their technological advancements that are making it possible to take on the world’s greatest challenges.

Penmetsa spoke to attendees on how Monarch has leveraged innovative and unique technologies to overcome some of the biggest challenges in automating and electrifying farm equipment. By doing so, we’ve built the world’s first electric, driver-optional, compact tractor and will continue to drive new innovations that make sustainable farming economically superior.

With ever-growing labor shortages, demanding food and safety concerns, and the devastating effects of climate change, robotics and automation in agriculture can deliver solutions that will allow farmers to scale their operations and kickstart a digital revolution in farming.

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