Monarch Tractor Talks AgTech Innovation With Amazon Web Services

LIVERMORE, Calif. – January 3, 2022 – With over 2000 attendees from across 53 countries, growers, agribusiness leaders, technology pioneers and investors came together at this year’s World Agri-Tech Innovation Summit in San Francisco. This year, the world’s first electric, driver-optional and data-driven tractor caught the attention of agtech industry leaders at the annual meeting place for the global agtech ecosystem.

While the award-winning tractor wowed event-goers on the exhibition floor, Monarch co-founder Praveen Penmetsa spoke on Amazon Web Services’ panel alongside rising agtech startups. Hosted by Elizabeth Fastiggi, Amazon’s Head of Worldwide Agriculture, Penmetsa shared his journey of what it takes to turn ideas into tangible business outcomes and explore the digital transformation that has taken place along the way. Top executives from CHS Inc., Syngenta, and Cropin also joined the conversation to discuss how they create and launch products and services that re-imagine what’s possible in the agtech and foodtech industry.

Monarch was thrilled to be a part of this year’s World Agri-Tech Innovation Summit and to join some of the brightest minds in the industry looking to advance agricultural innovation. We are committed to continue being a leading voice and innovator in finding solutions that make farming more sustainable, economical and data-driven.

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