MK-V Demonstrates Value at Airport Field Test

Monarch Tractor

Farmers know the value of a good tractor. Soon airport operations managers are likely to be sharing that same sentiment. At a recent field test at the Sonoma County Charles M. Schulz Airport, Monarch’s MK-V proved its worth among jets and runways, just as it does around barns and farms, demonstrating how a smart, electric tractor can provide the fiscal and safety solutions airports and municipalities are seeking.  

Monarch is committed to providing zero-emissions, profitable solutions across multiple sectors. Sonoma County Airport is a forward-thinking institution and we’re proud to share its commitment to a more profitable and sustainable future. At an airportlike Sonoma County, the MK-V becomes an appreciating asset, saving time and money year after year.

David Kahn, Sales Demo Director, Monarch Tractor 

Monarch Tractor is committed to providing zero-emissions

Elevating Safety

The MK-V is packed with safety features including collision prevention and PTO entanglement protection, enabled by 360-degree camera technology and real-time visibility. It turns out that the MK-V extends safety to airports and airplanes. By combining electrification with digitalization the MK-V allows airport operations to stay compliant with the strict grass height regulations necessary to prevent birds from flocking, all while increasing efficiency and eliminating diesel expenses. With 500 acres to mow, that’s a massive amount of savings.   

EV Tractor

The EV tractor (MK-V) performed very well. Being able to set the parameters for use where we want it, like at 6-10 inches, means we don’t have to rely on someone constantly making sure they have it set at the right height.

Dan Carls, Sonoma County Airport Operations Supervisor, Sonoma County Charles M. Schulz Airport 

ROI Takes Off
In addition to saving time and labor productivity, Sonoma County Airport’s foresight has positioned itself for even faster payback on an investment in the MK-V. Roughly 20% of U.S. airports have adopted solar panels into their operations and Sonoma County Airport is one of them. Having an infrastructure already in place to power up an electric tractor makes the MK-V, according to Carls, “A slam dunk.”  


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