Peter Michael Winery Prioritizes Planet & Profit with Monarch MK-V

Peter Michael Winery Prioritizes Planet & Profit with Monarch MK-V

Location Calistoga, California
Date Apr 17, 2023

The days of choosing between healthy profits or a healthy environment are over. With the Monarch MK-V in their fleet, farmers across the country are discovering that clean, green farming costs less than conventional practices for their berry crops, dairy farms, orchards, and vineyards. Among these farms is the Peter Michael Winery. For nearly a decade, the winery has been integrating electric farm equipment into all facets of its business. Their latest addition is a Monarch MK-V.

A Complete Commitment 

Peter Michael Winery and Monarch Tractor are driven by their commitments and values. At Monarch, it’s our mission to make farms profitable with clean, efficient, and economically viable solutions for today and future generations of farmers. Peter Michael Winery is guided by its love and respect for the land, wildlife, and natural resources. The winery is using the all-electric, driver-optional, and smart MK-V to end its fossil-fuel era of farming and begin a new one where green farming – renewably powered and free from toxic chemicals – is the norm.

Electric Farm Equipment Powered by the Sun 

In 2008, Peter Michael Winery launched its efforts to integrate electric farm equipment into its agribusiness by installing four acres of solar panels supplying 85% of electricity to the winery estate. Seven years later it added electric cultivators and in 2023 it brought the Monarch MK-V on board. With the MK-V, the winery is powering its farms and fields with the same energy that is growing its vines. By combining electrification, automation and data analysis, the MK-V reduces the winery’s carbon footprint, improves field safety on the mountainside vineyard, and streamlines viticultural practices throughout the season. The solar panels also help fuel an all-electric Rivian SUV, which is used to host guest tours around the high-altitude vineyard. Planet and profits . . . this is green farming.


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