Monarch Tractor’s 2020 Partner Series Applications: Sold Out

Monarch’s 2020 Partner Series Applications: Sold Out. Contact Monarch for more opportunities.

The Monarch Tractor is a fully electric smart tractor platform, Monarch has best in class plow, till, and hauling capabilities with driver optional and data analytics functions. The Monarch tractor platform combines mechanization, automation, and data analysis to enhance farmer’s existing operations, alleviate labor shortages, and maximize yields.

Robust Functionality

The Monarch Tractor can accomplish everything a traditional diesel tractor can and more. This power is packed into a small footprint resulting in best in class plow, till, and hauling capabilities. The tractor also sports exportable power, remote viewing of tractor data and video, 4-wheel drive, and front loader compatibility. This package is delivered in a fully electric drive train with industry-low maintenance requirements.

Smart Technology

The Monarch Tractor includes a suite of advanced sensors and cameras, facilitating advanced data collection and analysis. Farmers own 100% of the data collected by their vehicle and have full ownership to share it, sell it, or delete it.

The Monarch was built to power the next generation of smart sprayers, weeders and other data-driven implements; enabling advanced controls, precision application, and detailed reporting. The Monarch even captures data while performing operations with traditional implements, making a farmer’s existing tools that much more effective.

Power and Efficiency

In addition to the energy efficiency gains from the fully electric tractor platform, the Monarch Tractor’s advanced sensors also boost a farmer’s bottom line. The data collected during operations provides insights into plant, crop and soil health, allowing the Farmer to apply resources precisely where they’re needed, saving the farmer product and money.

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