Tech Brew Interviews Astanor on Investing in Leading AgTech Startups

LIVERMORE, Calif. – April 10, 2023 – Innovations in farming technology can be found in everything from drones, imaging, robotic harvesting, and tractors. But businesses specializing in agriculture technology (AgTech) need funding to advance the industry with their ambitious products and goals. Astanor Ventures is one such investing partner. When Tech Brew (of Morning Brew) asked impact investor at Astanor Ventures, Valerie Christy, what she looks for when vetting AgTech startups, she held up Monarch Tractor as an example.

The Importance of Farming Technology 

According to its website, Astanor Ventures helps AgTech startups build a food system that is nourishing, regenerative, scalable, trusted, and produces delicious food for all. As an all-electric tractor and agriculture technology company, Christy finds Monarch Tractor quite interesting. She recognizes that farms are run by boots on the ground — people driving tractors, applying practices in the field, and recording data — and she was impressed with Monarch’s impact on farms in terms of emissions and labor. It's farming technology at its best.

“It’s [Monarch] an example of not just a carbon emissions solution, but many impactful solutions on the farm level,” Christy said in her Tech Brew interview.

Christy explains that Astanor prioritizes big ideas that offer big solutions that can have a big impact. With pioneering agriculture technology, Monarch Tractor is leading the way to safer, cleaner, and more profitable farming and is already on the market with large-scale production.

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