Monarch Tractor Named Top 100 Next Gen Companies

Monarch Tractor

With technology developing at an increasingly accelerated rate, the future of the world depends on the direction in which innovations move. Through a combination of priorities, research, and development, businesses play a large role in determining the quality of life future generations will inherit. In recognition of its efforts to help improve agriculture and the health of the world’s food systems, Monarch Tractor has been named to World Future Awards (WFA) Top 100 Next Generation Companies 2023 for its contributions and advancements in AgTech. 

Profiting Ag 

WFA scrutinizes the most advanced industries and selects those companies that are working towards a more comfortable and safer tomorrow. Award recipients are selected across a wide range of industries, from healthcare and consumer products to renewable energy and space exploration and assessed for their positive impact on tomorrow’s world. As part of the selection process, WFA assesses if the value of a candidate’s product goes beyond financial profit. AgTech proved to be a valued contender. 

Monarch Tractor stands out with its commitment to enabling clean, efficient, safe, and economically viable AgTech solutions that benefit farmers, consumers, and the planet for generations to come. Throughout its journey and EV vision for the future, Monarch’s commitment is embodied in its product; the MK-V, the world’s first smart, driver-optional, 100% electric tractor. 

Electric Tractor vs Diesel

The traditional diesel tractor has not evolved in 100 years, making it long overdue for a makeover. An EV tractor is a must for farmers looking to cut fuel costs and dependency on oil and reduce their carbon footprint.

Mark Schwager, President & Co-founder, Monarch Tractor 

Future Forward 

Monarch is pleased to be recognized by World Future Awards as a business that represents the pinnacle of the innovation sector. As Monarch’s AgTech continues to expand with capabilities, new markets, and territories, the future of agriculture and all its stakeholders will be the ultimate beneficiaries. In looking at the roadmap to the future, Monarch is choosing a path of health and longevity for farms, people, and the planet. It’s a good route to follow.  

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