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Ever since June 1992, when 154 countries signed the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change, an annual committee meeting, known as “Conference of the Parties,” or COP, has been held to discuss and make decisions on how the treaty is implemented and to monitor progress. COP28 marks the 28th meeting and was hosted by the United Arab Emirates in Dubai from Nov. 30 – Dec. 12, 2023. Monarch’s Chief Farming Officer and co-founder, Carlo Mondavi, participated as a keynote presenter and panel member, giving Monarch Tractor a presence at this important, global event. 

A New Path Forward 

Global climate change has layers of complexity demanding innovative solutions that are action-oriented and expedited. Not only did Mondavi draw attention to the role of Monarch’s technology as a strategy to combat the ag industry’s role in environmental degradation, but Monarch Tractor, as an organization, represents the type of partnership and goal setting COP28 is encouraging between businesses and political entities.     

Carlo Mondavi at COP28

For the first time, what’s best for the planet is best for the bottom line.

Carlo Mondavi, Chief Farming Officer & Co-founder, Monarch Tractor 

Traditionally focused on policy-driven solutions, COP28 shifted towards consensus and collaboration across political and non-state actors to balance, enhance, and accelerate climate-related action. With its farmer-first approach to innovation, dedication to environmental sustainability, and proven track record of bringing an advanced, high-tech product to market at large-scale production in a short timeline, Monarch Tractor embodies COP28’s goals.    

Scaling for the Future 

The Future Mobility Hub, one of COP28’s venues, served as a business-focused space amongst the COP28 gathering of politicians, diplomats, and state representatives. It was a space to facilitate the exchange of ideas and promote partnerships across industries with the aim of shaping the future of transportation and mobility in a sustainable and innovative way.  

Mondavi gave his keynote presentation, “Can an Autonomous Tractor Save the Future of Farming?” on Energy & Industry Day, December 5. His presentation highlighted how the increased use of larger equipment and petrochemicals in farming has led to poor financial and sustainability outcomes for farmers, consumers, and the environment. He explained how the much-needed industrial shift has been kickstarted by Monarch Tractor through the energy transformation of the most important vehicle on the planet — the sub-100 HP tractor. Using electrification, artificial intelligence (AI), and data collection, the MK-V offers a technological trifecta of being a smart, 100% electric, autonomous tractor that does all the work of a traditional tractor while also acting as an energy storage system. As such, it’s a catalyst for a more efficient, sustainable, and profitable farming future.  

For renewable farming practices that support imperiled pollinator populations the economic divide of protecting our soil microbiome and farm biology via clean farming was too great. The carbon footprint divide was too great. The only way to succeed is to make what is best for Mother Earth, best for farmer profitability.

Carlo Mondavi, Chief Farming Officer & Co-founder, Monarch Tractor 


On Dec. 8, Mondavi joined leaders representing Hyzon Motors, Ashok Leyland, and Intercontinental Energy for the panel discussion, “Creating Demand” as one of the sessions in a series on Hyperscaling Green Business hosted by McKinsey. The panel was hosted by Tomas Nauclér, Senior Partner and Global leader of McKinsey Sustainability and discussed the need for businesses to couple outrageous ambition with speed and execution.  

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