The Future of Farming has arrived


CO–Founder and CEO

Praveen has nearly two decades of hands-on experience in translating creative visions into products for startups to Fortune 50 companies alike. He co-currently serves as founder and CEO of Motivo Engineering, a product-engineering firm with clients in the Mobility, Energy, AgTech, and Aerospace sectors. Praveen holds an MSME in Mechanical Engineering from the University of Cincinnati.


Co-Founder and Chief Farming Officer

Carlo is an expert viticulturist with experience in Organic, Bio dynamic, and Permaculture Farming. He is a fourth generation winegrower from the world-renowned Mondavi family and is co-founder of Raen Winery, as well as a partner at Continuum Estate. Carlo is the co-founder of the Monarch Challenge, an effort focused on elevating farming by eliminating herbicides and powerful chemicals from farms in Sonoma, Napa and beyond.


Co-Founder and President

Mark has over a decade of experience leading manufacturing organizations and has developed over 16 million square feet of manufacturing space. Mark previously served as head of the Tesla Gigafactory, leading the project from concept phase to construction. He also led the operations planning team and built the business systems for Tesla’s Fremont factory and led the manufacturing program for Tesla’s collaboration with Toyota for the Rav4 EV. Mark holds a BS in Policy Analysis and Management from Cornell University and a MBA from Washington University in St Louis.


Co-Founder and CTO

Over the past two decades, Zachary has developed hundreds of tightly integrated intelligent electro-mechanical systems, bringing a full system design perspective to the development of never-before-seen products. Prior focus areas include mining robotis, energy storage systems, electric vehicles, by-wire autonomous cars, and automated agricultural equipment. He holds a double degree in Electrical and Mechanical Engineering and a PhD in Robotics from The Robotics Institute at Carnegie Mellon.